Information on new varieties

Following numerous requests for information on new varieties,

Our supplier sent us the information about these three new species:

bamboo fargesias gaolinensis

bamboo fargesias huaningensis

bamboo fargesias songmingensis


A preliminary report of the resource allocation of Fargesia yunnanensis

was made by the Nanjing Forestry University in China on these three new varieties

in 2009 and tells us that these are variations of the original Fargesia yunnanensis


New for 2012:

Bamboo Fargesia albocerea,

Bamboo Fargesia culms to black:

A new variety of seeds to Fargesia bamboo culms black / purple was harvested earlier this year,

this would be a variation of Fargesia albocerea, black stubble appear on the plants when

they reach about 3 millimeters thick, below a photo of Fargesia taxon of black origin



And bamboo Fargesia sp. Lijiang:

A new variety harvested in the Lijiang area northwestern Yunnan in China

For any request relating to the identification of a bamboo you can contact Mr Chris Stapleton >>> see links at top of page

Information about the authenticity of the new varieties

Credit article, thank you and rafael or stéphane two passionate bamboos


During our trip to Yunnan in November 2012, we could see with our own eyes the famous black Fargesia albocerea that done so much to talk it. Before even having seen him some European shouting, swearing to scam a Fargesia black stubble resistant to cold could not exist. And yet it is indeed real! Professor Tan Hongchao discovered it in 2011 in the mountains north of Lijiang (county north of Dali in Yunnan Province) at an altitude of 2700 meters. The resort of Fargesia albocerea black is pretty close resorts Borinda yulongshanensis (about 25 km, but at a higher altitude) this observation gives us hope that this magnificent clumper bamboo culms black to be as resistant as his upstairs neighbor!

At its discovery, Fargesia albocerea black was in bloom. This has greatly helped Professor Tan for identification. For our part, we have observed that the young plants are very prominent nodes, such as those Qionzhuea example. This character no longer appears when the plant matures.

But this unique clumper bamboo canes with black we still reserved a much better surprise! Indeed after visiting a place with more aged specimens, we saw that young shoots coming out blue !

From a ornamental point of view, it has a black Fargesia albocerea very complete panoply with its fine sheets slender, its blue and young shoots his canes adult red then become completely black. Little bamboo can claim to have as many colors as spectacular. It will probably become a must for impassioned !

These authentications are also valid for other new varieties of bamboo on our site

Team bamboo seeds


List (not limited) of major taxa Bamboo Fargésias

Fargesia acuticontracta Fargesia adpressa Fargesia albocerea Fargesia altior Fargesia angustissima Fargesia brevipes Fargesia brevissima Fargesia caduca Fargesia canaliculata Fargesia circinata Fargesia communis Fargesia concinna Fargesia conferta Fargesia contracta Fargesia cuspidata Fargesia daminiu Fargesia declivis Fargesia decurvata Fargesia denudata Fargesia dracocephala Fargesia dulcicula Fargesia dura Fargesia edulis Fargesia elegans Fargesia emaculata Fargesia exposita Fargesia extensa Fargesia farcta Fargesia ferax Fargesia frigidis Fargesia fungosa Fargesia funiushanensis Fargesia glabrifolia Fargesia gongshanensis Fargesia grossa Fargesia hainanensis Fargesia hsuehiana Fargesia huizensis Fargesia hygrophila Fargesia jiulongensis Fargesia lincangensis Fargesia longiuscula Fargesia lushuiensis Fargesia macclureana Fargesia mairei Fargesia mali Fargesia melanostachys Fargesia murielae Fargesia nitida Fargesia obliqua Fargesia orbiculata Fargesia papyrifera Fargesia pauciflora Fargesia perlonga Fargesia pleniculmis Fargesia plurisetosa Fargesia porphyrea Fargesia praecipua Fargesia qinlingensis Fargesia robusta Fargesia rufa Fargesia sagittatinea Fargesia scabrida Fargesia semicoriacea Fargesia similaris Fargesia solida Fargesia spathacea Fargesia stenoclada Fargesia strigosa Fargesia subflexuosa Fargesia sylvestris Fargesia tenuilignea Fargesia ungulata Fargesia utilis Fargesia vicina Fargesia wuliangshanensis Fargesia yajiangensis Fargesia yuanjiangensis Fargesia yulongshanensis Fargesia yunnanensis Fargesia zayuensis