Bamboo runner or clumper rhizomes


There are two root systems in bamboo:

1 / roots or runner rhizomes (leptomorphes)










the roots of one of our Phyllostachys

Phyllostachys bamboos are part of this family, all are more or less runner and can become invasive under certain conditions, they may contain barriers in anti-called rhizomes or cut the rhizomes every two to three years around the mother plant or simply add nutritional support (specific fertilizer or manure) so that it stays put, it is only when th bamboo to a lack of nutrients that runs through these roots seek food beyond that to its original location and it is at this point it can become invasive. 

The runner varieties are rather given to a plantation in isolated subjet.



2 / roots clumper (pachymorphes or clustering)










the roots of one of our young fargésias

Bamboos fargesias are part of the family of clumper roots so they are not invasive, a rhizome barrier is unnecessary and totally unnecessary, there is no special maintenance other than adding a little fertilizer or manure in early life and pleasure of seeing them grow.

Particularly suitable for carrying the hedges, the fargesai is one of the best choices you can make.

As for planting other grasses seed germination is never 100%, if you want to create a hedge you can reach us via contact form for calculating the number of seeds to acquire and guide you on the variety that best fits your environment.